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"This is not a one-woman job." is just about the most appropriate quote you will see when you visit  

Renee Bledsoe makes wedding planning simple with your bridesmaids

Started by Renee Bledsoe, Everly Wed is a collaborative planning app that gives you and your bridesmaids all the tools you need to pull off the biggest days of your life. The beautifully designed project management app was designed to help you and your crew keep all of the other wedding planning organized and in one place! 

Wedding Planning tools for your whole bridal party

Behind the Scenes of EverlyWed App


Renee is so passionate about being able to help future brides plan all of the events leading up to their big day!

We've all been on one of those extremely long e-mail threads between 10 bridesmaids trying to figure out who is doing what and when we need to be where.  And that is just for the bridal shower.  Let's not even mention the bachelorette party, bridal luncheon, rehersal, and however many else event there are. With EverlyWed everything is stored in a simple project management, but you can also leave fun notes to the site!

In the words of Ina Garden "How Easy Is That?"

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So grab your friends, sign up, and HAPPY PLANNING!


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