Tips for Scheduling a Bachelorette Party

One of the biggest tasks a Maid/Matron of Honor and fellow bridesmaids have is planning the bride-to-be's bachelorette party! With more and more hen nights turning into weekend getaways, finding a time everyone can get together for a weekend of celebrations is hard.  

The best place to start when hosting a bachelorette party is asking the Bride if she is looking for one night of shenanigans or if she is looking to get out of town.  If she is hoping for a weekend getaway, and it seems plausible that most attendees could make this work, its best to narrow down the list of options before asking the whole group.  There is nothing scarier than a group email of 10-15 ladies asking the open ended questions of when are where! AH!  

Hopefully a small group of people can narrow down the location and come up with a few options of times!  It's always nice to offer an option of a holiday weekend as well as a couple weekends throughout the season before the wedding.  

Two great tools to help get everyone's input are doodle and facebook polls! 

Doodle is a free scheduler that allows you to send a link (or email directly through doodle) to invitees asking for their input of time or location if you are voting on that as well! This is a great option for groups without everyone being on social media. 
Creating a Facebook group for bachelorette invitees is also a great way to communicate plans as a group.  This is a great option if everyone attending is active on Facebook.  In the group you can post messages for everyone to reply to as well as create polls! 

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