Fall Cider Mule

I was looking for a fun way to add a little "Fall Y'all" into my next get together, and decided to make some cocktails.  I am a sucker for a Moscow Mule, and loved the idea of  making something similar with some Fall flair.


I wanted to try something new, so check out the video below of me making mine.  As you can see, I didn't use anything technical to measure, but boy was it a yummy drink!




The recipe is super simple!  You'll need:

- Vodka

- Apple Cider

- Ginger Beer (I used Diet to save on some calories!) 


To make, fill a cup with ice (I used a personalized govino glass you can find here). Next, pour 1 part vodka and 1 part cider over ice.   To finish, top with Ginger Beer.  



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